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I was in such a huge bind after my garage door remote stopped working! Sun City really helped me on such short notice and we haven’t had any problem since.I’ll be sure to call them the next time I have a problem also. – Amanda Evans

This company has been our preferred company for the last 8 years and they always make sure that we are happy and satisfied with their work. I can’t recommend them enough! – Michael Pitt

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My garage door almost fell on me while I was trying to DIY it! I’m glad I called these guys after that to help me. Professionals are always the best.I know better now to not try to take on these risky tasks myself.  – Jonathan Boldt

I’m really finicky about me garage safety since there have been a lot of burglaries in my area.I’m glad I have Sun City Garage Repairs to always make feel safe and ensure that my garage is safely protected. – Leah Rodriguez

I recently moved into a new house and used Sun City Garage Repairs to install our garage gate. They finished the job really fast a gave us a great quote for a beautiful door! – Nathaniel Michaels